Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

We didn't spot any ticket that needed to be reassigned.

Availability for LHF

jvoisin, and u should be there.

Availability for the month

  • u will work on Tails Installer, Icedove, TorBirdy, the mirror infrastructure, and importing the Farsi translations.
  • sajolida will work on the Installation Assistant, prepare the call for donation of the end of the year, and other fundraising.
  • muri will be translating and maybe do one or two small easy tasks.

Discuss & adopt a strategy to merge commits from Weblate

We realized that this was highly dependent on the way we could implement a review process inside Weblate which was something in the original list of requirements ("MUST: provide user roles (admin, reviewer, translator"). We created a ticket to investigate this #10331.

Document mentors for new contributors

We agreed on creating a dedicated page for that and linking it close to the Easy tasks, probably as a new H3 headers under "Tools for contributors".

Document issues behind having Tails derivatives

We reviewed the draft by sajolida. Other examples were mentioned such as supporting other cryptcurrencies or different pluggable transports.