Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • People have not much time to work on this.
  • Anonym will try to finish #6302 this month which invalidates one of them (#7546).

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

  • #10013 will be done by anonym.
  • #10016 will also be done by anonym, as part of his RM shift.
  • #9538 will be handled by wilbns, who will email our fundraising ML. We won't be surprised if sajolida jump in too.

Availability for LHF

Around 4 people (emmapeel, MoC, wilbns and bertagaz) will be around for Sep 12th so it is confirmed.

Availability for the month

Most people will be available, with different timelines (KyTV mainly not durng the day for the next two weeks, anonym on weekdays only).

Greeter option to enable webcam

This feature isn't worth working on it and bloating the greeter with yet another option when a simple duck tape can protect the user against webcam spying. After all, Torproject is distributing nice stickers for that. Not to mention that most people will certainly forget to activate this option when needed. So we chose to reject this ticket.

Evaluate scantailor to be shipped within Tails

We see no good reasons to add such a badly maintained software in Tails, when users can use the addtional software feature which is just meant for that. So we chose to reject it.

please install mixmaster (or teach us how)

This one was a tougher discussion. For most of us the use cases weren't that clear, but it was still thought to be insteresting if for example one have her own trusted email infrastructure, and would like to send some emails without revealing it. Some raised concerns about the state of the mixmaster network. Questions about that will be asked by DrWhax at the next Tor dev meeting. It was raised that Tails claims to be feature complete with Incognito, which was shipped with mixmaster and a preconfigured account to use it in Thunderbird. It doesn't seem that complicated to do, as there are simple wrappers that turn mixmaster into a local SMTP server. Jake popped up in the discussion and gave its support to this option ("every anonymity tool that people use in reality, which includes mixmaster/mixminion, would be good to include"), as well as a quick try. We were also pointed to nymphemeral. But that's still one more feature that would have to be worked on and maintained over time. We're not sure to have the energy for that. So the decision was to put this ticket in low priority and call for patches to either include it in Tails, or document on the website how to deploy it.