Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • People have not much time to work on this.
  • sycamoreone will work on the randomness generation problems and talk about it with DrWhax.
  • MoC will ask somebody about #7052

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

  • #9671 will be taken by anonym - we agreed on reverting the fancy inlining of stuff, and instead linking to release notes.
  • #9654 anonym and, killytv will handle this one

Availability for LHF

Around 4 people (sajolida, KillYourTV, emmapeel and MoC) will be around for Aug 12th so it is confirmed

Availability for the month

  • lots of travelling to meetings, like DebCamp+DebConf, CCCamp
  • also work on the translation platform will continue

Rename ISO and signature

We had a look at the files in the Windows Vista file manager but there is still more information needed, as we want to know how this change in the filenames will affect other operating systems, so we will try the new renaming schemes on different OS and take screenshots and see how they will look if we add more words to the filename

Distribute a copy of UUI from our website

This work is only needed while we don't have the multiplatorm installer, once #7544 is done this will not be needed anymore

Maybe a cheap solution (UUI in a git repo, sajolida will look onto it) will be easy to implement until #7544

We talked about maybe using the opportunity for testing UUI install as part of the release process, but there were no volunteers so we dropped the idea (we never did yet)

The plan is that tails-sysadmins we would set up a Git repo + additional ikiwiki overlay, that sajolida would manually update every month or so, without first testing the newly imported UUI.