Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

_adamb will look into Vagrant issues. intrigeri may do some docker-related procrastination.

Availability and plans for monthly low-hanging fruits meeting

No one attending this meeting promised anything about the next LHF session.

Integrate a clipboard manager

No one attending meeting were in favour so this ticket has been rejected.

Is it acceptable to allow the user Tor Launcher runs as (tor-launcher) to issue DNS queries in the clear?

A consensus was reached about that adding this capability to a user that already has full access to Tor's control port (and hence full control of the Tor process, e.g. it can learn the external IP address and reconfigure Tor in horrible ways) should not make the situation any worse in case of a compromise. We're willing to do it, so only some research about how to implement this safely and sanely remains, and the ticket has been updated to reflect that.

Some very minor corner cases about the proxy provider being leaked was discussed, but they were deemed too insignificant to care about.

Provide default bridges

It was agreed that in the context of Tails, until we have Tor config persistence (#5461), too many users may use default bridges because it's too painful to input bridges addresses manually each time you boot. It was decided to postpone this until we have such persistence. Since no user has requested this feature to knowledge of those attending, it didn't seem very high-priority.

Chromium extension to automatically verify the ISO checksum

saint got some pointers about the recent developments of the Firefox extension. Likely she/he will contact sajolida for more details.