Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

KillYourTV might be able to test #5306, if his other commitments for the next release don't eat all his time.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

Anonym is planning to take #9072. Bertagaz is interested to give a try to fix #9000 if time permits. #8243 probably won't be fixed for 1.4, but some discussions are kinda blocking it (e.g "keeping up with pluggable transports by using TBB's Tor and tor-launcher"). This was added to the next summit agenda.

Availability and plans for monthly low-hanging fruits meeting

Not much availability, but KillYourTV intend to attend.

Document time sync failure

Given our plans wrt. time syncing are changing (e.g. Intrigeri has a proposal in mind that makes this moot), it's not worth investing time in documenting that now. But if we're still in the same position in 6-8 months, we should probably reconsider.

Also, this ticket is blocking #5459, and both of this tickets are blocked by #5424

Migrate our blueprints to blueprints.tails.boum.org

Discussions have started on tails-dev@ ("Underlay for UX or blueprints") whether to move the blueprints on "https://blueprints.tails.boum.org".

There's not much downside people can see to this move (and not much people participating/reading the thread it seems), so Intrigeri and Sajolida who are part of the discussion can take any decisions they feel necessary on this.

Tails trademark?

It seems one can claim a unregistered trademark without doing any bureaucracy, just by adding it to your website somewhere.

We have not much clues about the advantages of this, so the next steps would be to investigate more concretly what are the advantages of an unregistered trademark and what are the corresponding use case, as well as investigate what would be the visual impact of such TM craps on our website.