Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

intrigeri started with #6840. anonym will also look into it also into #7546.

We agreed to drop #5985 from the "holes in the roof" list and noted, that #5318 should be taken care of when the Greeter is rewritten (#8230).

Availability and plans for monthly low-hanging fruits meeting

At least 5 people would like to attend.

Create a directory of organizations doing Tails training

We agreed that the Tails homepage should contain such a list, under the following conditions:

  • We note that the list is not exhaustive.
  • We keep in touch with the organizations listed and for each organization we need someone committed to update the page.
  • We make the target audience clear and get the agreement of the org before adding them. This is important to make sure, that organizations aren't overrun by interested parties.
  • We try not to duplicate work of other organizations.

intrigeri can create such a page one of these month. BitingBird might also be interested.

Don't start Vidalia in Windows 8 camouflage?

We agreed to make this a low priority wishlist ticket.

The ticket is also related to #9002 about a green onion feature in post-Vidalia Tails.

Decide which kind of verification would the ISO verification extension do

We decided that the problem space of this ticket is not appropriate for a monthly meeting. Instead please read the blueprint and comment on the mailing list thread.

Important tickets with milestone, but without assignee, see the mailing list

The questions is: How do we handle unexpected and high-priority tasks, when all the people who usually do this are already overwhelmed?

We decide to discuss these tasks in the monthly meetings similar to the way holes-in-the-roof are already handled. These tickets can also be prioritized at low-hanging fruits meetings.

sajolida will take care of updating the meetings template,

To be better prepared for such emergency events we should, in the future, also budget time for bug fixing when fundraising.