Hole in the Roof

We looked at the Hole in the Roof tickets. Many build environment related tasks. Maybe a friend of jvoisin wants to look on Docker issues.

Monthly low-hanging fruit sessions

Next one is on Friday, September 12, on #tails-dev (indymedia.org) at 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST)

At least three people said they would attend.

Tails Code of Conduct

Everybody likes the way is shaping, although we need to cover more situations. Someone will write a blueprint, and send an email with the updated version.

We agreed on the following:

  • "This code of conduct applies to all spaces used by the Tails project. This includes IRC, the mailing lists, the issue tracker, the website, events, and any other forums which the community uses for communication."
  • Use "tails@boum.org" as contact point.
  • Integrate "don't publish private communication" and "if in doubt, ask us first" in the part about recording.

Include OnionShare in Tails?

We will wait until it is included in Debian. Meanwhile someone will have a look at the code.

More darknets

Someone proposed on Redmine to include more darknets, for example freenet and Namecoin.

We don't know Namecoin, and adding freenet seems a bad idea to someone. Also they are not in Debian. We will close the ticket and open another one in case some darknet packaged for Debian appears (freenet, namecoin or others)

Decide what to do regarding OFTC

We see Indymedia and OFTC as unstable services. We need something more stable to have preconfigured in Tails. We lack of time and resources to run our own IRC server.

Maybe XMPP is a better solution but we raised the problem of having randomly generated account on the server. We would need to find a server that:

  • Allows the creation of new accounts on the go.
  • Erases unused accounts frequently.
  • Supports Tor for real.
  • Has a commercial SSL certificate or is available as a hidden service.

Someone will investigate solutions for the situation on #7874.