Create a 'Sponsors' page

  • We will add a contact info for sponsors on the "Donate" page: #7734.
  • Create a new page targeted at potential sponsors:
    • Start with listing generic information that doesn't rely on our roadmap.
    • Maybe include hints to our roadmap and priorities but then it has to be maintained.
    • DrWhax will give it a try.
  • We didn't decide on whether listing past sponsors on that page.

Press enquiries

  • We have two press enquires in our queue:
    • one from and
    • one from "Il Manifesto"
  • sycamoreone will try to submit a draft for "Il Manifesto": #7738.

Export iCal calendar from ikiwiki

Decide something about the proposed plan regarding TrueCrypt

  • The current proposal is:
    • Tails 1.2 (October 2014): update the wrapper to point to alternatives, ship cryptsetup 1.6, have documentation to open TC volumes with cryptsetup.
    • Tails 1.3 (January 2015): drop TC entirely.
  • People are free to work on that earlier if they want.
  • People love the plausible deniability and will complain a lot if we remove TC before the persistence is by default, but we'll have to live with it.
  • intrigeri and sajolida will work together on updating the documentation.

Create list and repo for tails-fundraising

  • A few people feel the need to have tools to coordinate fundraising efforts.
  • On the other hand, the accounting team is afraid about how to split the communication between tails-accounting@ and tails-fundraising@, especially regarding splitting the grant proposal, the budget, the communication with the funder, etc.
  • We decided to create a new Schleuder list, and a git-remote-gcrypt repository.
  • It will include all the information that is meant to be known by the funder: grant information, application text, budget, etc. but all the rest would not be there.
  • Texts from past applications will be imported in that repository.
  • MoC and DrWhax who are already working on this will nominate other candidate members to
  • This list will be the contact for sponsors on the Donate page: #7734.

Randomise MAC address when scanning for Wi-Fi networks even when MAC spoofing is disabled

  • Three people (sajolida, jvoisin, and intrigeri) were convinced by anonym's comment 2 and agreed with rejecting.
  • Furthermore as anonym said, we might not want to change how Tails behaves when opting-out of MAC spoofing, so it would turn the MAC option into a tri-state, which makes UI complicated.