7146: Add a more prominent "Donate" button?

  • Rationale: make our income sources more diverse, and hopefully more steady — even if smaller — that one-shot grants that are usually paid late.
  • Adding that to the sidebar to have it appear on all pages.
  • Adding a "Consider donating or contributing" step to the download page, after step 5, Installation to not break the flow of the download page, and to suggest people can donate if they used it and liked it.

  • In the future, think about ways of targeting "satisfied return customers" for crowd-funding. That's #7176.

  • The FPF extended their crowd-funding campaign 3 weeks extra: https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/. We could tell our users about it again.

    • Create the Donate button of #7146 and point to the campaign. We can disable that button once the campaign is over.
    • Tweet about it.
    • Write a new blog post about it.

6992: Put it more clearly that most bug reports without an email

address are useless?

The paragraph in the documentation should be improved to say something like:

"Giving us an email address allows us to contact you in order to clarify the problem. This is needed for the vast majority of the reports we receive as most reports without any contact information are useless. On the other hand it also provides an opportunity for eavesdroppers, like your email or Internet provider, to confirm that you are using Tails."

The same sentence should be used in WhisperBack.

In the course of this discussion another proposal arose to remove the right pane of WhisperBack:


7078: Make it clear in MAC spoofing documentation that only the

non-vendor bits are randomized?

  • The MAC spoofing user doc page is already extremely long and difficult. Adding more information about something as technical won't help, and it's probably enough to have it in the design doc.
  • We already have a FAQ about MAC, but let's keep the FAQ for, well, questions that are asked frequently.
  • So, let's do nothing for the moment and add a link to the design doc if we feel the need for that again in the future.

7139: Rework /doc/about/anonymity/

  • This page it off-topic given the current scope of Tails documentation.
  • We usually say that our doc is not the place for general security training, etc. It is not yet another online security guide.
  • So, let' remove it.

7165: NetworkManager autoconnects to persistent wireless networks in Wheezy

  • A proposal was to do nothing, and remove the 3 lines about that from the Known issues.
  • But that makes it harder to work totally offline.
  • MAC spoofing does nothing for the edge case where the persistent wireless network has WPA Enterprise with unique user credentials
  • To work offline people can disconnect before starting any application, so the attack surface is "only" the kernel + whatever runs by default. We can probably live with that.
  • We decided that was not a blocker for 1.1.
  • The question remains open whether this would be a desirable behaviour to have back in Tails.
  • We could have a look at the NetworkManager parameter to not autoconnect and see if it can be made "off" by default.

How do we work on the website restructuring, modernizing, and more?

  • Having a meeting about that would make the dynamics easier.
  • Interested or interesting people could be: u and esperal, who already worked on some improvement on the website, tchou, who already expressed interest, BitingBird, as someone doing user support, and knowing what many people have a hard time finding on the website, and sajolida.
  • But right now the core team is pretty busy working on 1.1, so the proposal was to wait until the summit in July to meet face-to-face.
  • Still, it would be cool to prepare the ground before the summit.

Can I use my participation in Tails to improve my portfolio?

Even if the core team is used to sign its commit with the same name, Tails developer, nothing prevent contributors from signing their own commits. Tickets on Redmine have assignees. Posts on the mailing list are not anonymized. So that can possibly give a portfolio.

Some people already do that: https://git-tails.immerda.ch/tails/stats/?period=q&ofs=-1