6245: MD5 Reborned Hasher is incompatible with Firefox 20


This ticket should be in Wait state instead of Discuss state. Another ticket has been created as parent of this one:

  • #6851: Fix ISO verification using Firefox
    • #6245: MD5 Reborned Hasher is incompatible with Firefox 20
    • #6664: Try to verify an ISO image using DownThemAll

6679: Do not auto-connect to the #tor IRC channel


This ticket has been renamed "Remove the preconfigured #tor IRC channel": we don't auto-join the #tor channel, so the only way to have less people from Tails connect to it is to remove it all the way.

We agree on removing the #tor channel. DrWhax proposed to write a patch for both #6679 and #6807.

Volunteers to handle broken windows this month?

  • #6460: Fix memory wipe with recent kernel Tails] will go away with 0.23.
  • #5731: test suite: get rid of the JRuby mess - Tails] is almost done, only the #6400 discussion left.
  • #6314: Stop using a custom libvirt package to run the test suite - Tails] is also fixed.
  • #5681: Offer to provide the source of packages included in Tails upon request - Tails] was done and is a subtask of a broken window.
  • #6315: Make it possible to deploy and run our test suite - Tails] will go away once #6400 is resolved.

So we're still working toward resolution of a bunch of broken windows but nobody volunteered explicitly for March.

Monthly low-hanging fruits meeting?