1. User support on IM #5591
  2. Broken windows week this month?
  3. Monthly low-hanging fruits or review'n'merge meeting?

User support on IM




We decided to close that ticket, as no one feels this should be done as the front desk duty. We'd rather encourage people do user support on #tails.

Volunteers to handle broken windows this month?


Our "broken windows" (, are tasks or issues that, ideally,

Our "broken windows" (roadmap) are tasks or issues that, ideally, should have been resolved a while ago, and seeing them still causing problems is demotivating.

We try to spend a week focusing on broken windows each month. Recently, most core contributors have been focusing on broken windows all the time, so we skipped them in practice.

However, if new contributors want to play with us, it may make sense to revive these specific times.


intrigeri will try again to have TailsClock move forward, that will kill #5306 as a side effect.

Monthly low-hanging fruits meeting?


Low-hanging fruits meeting: spend a while together on many small tasks that take less than 2 hours each, and are waiting in our TODO list for too long.

During these meetings, we exceptionally allow ourselves to do the review & merge process on IRC instead of the usual email -based workflow, so this should all go pretty smoothly. Then, we report back on tails-dev.

We also use these meetings to review stuff that's waiting in the queue.


We'll have one low-hanging fruits meeting in February:

  • Saturday 2014-02-08 9am to 1pm UTC / 10am to 2pm CET