Each month a contributors meeting is organized. It currently happens on third day of the month on the tails-dev chatroom at 9pm CEST or CET (7pm or 8pm UTC). Everybody is welcome to attend, existing contributors and those who want to become one.

Feel free to propose and prepare discussion topics:

  • Raise them in this thread so that others can ask details and prepare the discussion too.

  • Update the blueprint of the agenda.

  • Make sure that the discussion tickets that you want to treat during the meeting are well detailed on Redmine.

If you want to get involved but don't know yet how, please introduce yourself during the meeting, and be sure to tell us what you are interested in.

The meeting might not be the most adequate time and place to properly introduce newcomers to the development process, but at least it should be a fine place to know each others, and schedule a better suited event.

Instructions for taking notes

  • Explain in details the decisions that were taken.
  • Keep track of the brainstorming that we did if no decision was taken.
  • Include names of people who took responsibilities.
  • Update Redmine tickets accordingly and point them to the meeting notes (unless someone else volunteers to do it on some tickets).
  • Remove from the blueprint of the agenda all topics that don't require further discussion.

Meeting minutes