Sophia is 30 years old, lives in Brazil and has two jobs: she is a teacher and a system administrator.

In 2015, she was looking for an operating system that would be safer than macOS, and discovered Tails. She had been using Linux for 2 years already, but found it vastly easier to use Tails than to configure software to use Tor on a regular Linux distribution. Since then, Tails is her only OS and she uses it every day; she feels very comfortable using it, although she has not tried everything.

What she likes

  • Tails is plug'n'play and it "just works"
  • Tor Browser
  • MAT

What she dislikes

  • having to configure Tor Browser to match her security requirements (security slider set to "High", JavaScript disabled by default) every time she starts Tails; she would like a persistent setting for these settings
  • Totem is buggy with some subtitles (buggy delay after pausing and resuming), so she misses VLC
  • she misses a set of LibreOffice Impress templates/themes that could be installed by default