Miguel is a 20 years old statistics student in Brazil. He is part of a collective that works on online privacy and security.

In 2014 he was trying all the privacy tools he and his friends could found, and then he started using Tails. Sometimes he doesn't use Tails very often, and only as a way to use other people's computers: he keeps his passwords is a KeePassX database, along with some personal files and his Thunderbird configuration on the Tails persistent volume. And sometimes he uses Tails more intensively, for example when dealing with sensitive material. Miguel identifies himself as an intermediate level Tails user, although he helps others use Tails and does not need other people's help himself.

What he likes

  • the new Installation Assistant
  • the amnesic property, that allows him to use other people's computers
  • the fact that Internet connections are routed through Tor
  • he finds Tails easy to use, e.g. the persistence setup
  • the set of bundled software

What he does not like

  • GNOME is heavy on older computers
  • the website translation workflow is hard
  • he misses the ability to install Tails on the command-line with dd (and was surprised when I told him it still worked)