Mathias is a 25 years old video technician living in the North of France. He is also a punk hardcore singer and involved in several struggles against the capitalist world.

He first used Tor and didn't really get interested in Tails but he went to a discussion about Tails and then downloaded it just to see how it was. He then realized that Tor was not enough for his needs and that he needed an amnesic operating system.

He doesn't have much expertise with Tails. At first he had a hard time understanding that it started from a USB stick and was independent from the hard drive.

He has been using it to anonymously upload videos on YouTube. The videos were showing a group of skateboarders riding in the city, wearing masks, and sometimes spray painting on the walls. They wanted their messages to be publicly visible, while not risking to be discovered by the police. Tails also makes him want to do more illegal things.

He likes that Tails is nomad, simple, and has a persistence support. But at first he likes the facts that he can feel the presence of human beings behind the project.

He doesn't have bad things to say about Tails because he is not doing crazy things with it and doesn't know it enough.