Jeanne has been working as an independent journalist for 5-6 years in Western Europe. She writes stories that she sells to many different newspapers. She is also active in a not-for-profit resource center and coworking space for independent journalists in her city where she advocates for privacy to the local press. She runs Ubuntu on her PC and can handle it all-right with some help from her geek friends.

She started using Tails about one year ago, helped out by a local privacy and free software advocate from which she cloned a USB stick. One of her colleague got his computer seized and she realized that having at least her hard disk encrypted was a way of guaranteeing her rights to privacy as a journalists in front of the police. Some of her sources were also scared of being monitored and explicitly asked for security protocols. She decided to get herself trained in privacy tools to be able to "lead the dance" and propose reasonable protocols to sources in the future herself.

She uses Tails occasionally when the story or the source requires it. She is not using Tails outside of her work.

Things she likes:

  • Tails comes as a package of privacy tools with no need to configure things manually. She had bad experiences and misconfigured some privacy tools on her computer in the past. Tails is like a "paranoid mode" by default.
  • MAT
  • She hopes that she could could do better at segmenting her time and use Tails to help her focus on a specific task.

Things she dislikes:

  • The terminology around "persistence" was difficult to understand. She talks about "storage area" ("zone de stockage" in French).
  • She had trouble learning how to start Tails from her PC.
  • She finds it very hard to combine the use of Tails with the heavy multitasking implied by her work: during a single day she works in parallel on many different stories with many different clients and sources. She runs on a very short budget and cannot afford having a second computer dedicated to Tails.
  • Once, she had troubles opening her persistence because the keyboard layout was different than when she configured it.
  • Once, she lost the draft of a story because she had no persistence.
  • Once, she tried to use Tails for communicating with a source but failed in doing so.
  • When getting started she found the documentation on the desktop hard to apprehend because it was using too technical terms (like "ISO"). She thinks that the documentation should be more accessible to less technical people as a pedagogical tool: since she is making the effort to getting into Tails, she is ready to read and learn.