Isabella is a 50 years old Debian user living in Brazil. She used to be a journalist at a magazine that talked a lot about FOSS (among other things), then got in touch with people working on privacy enhancing technologies (PET) and switched jobs: she now works with a collective that defends freedom and privacy online, learns about privacy tools and does advocacy for them.

She has been demonstrating Tails to people since 2 years: she finds it easier to advocate for than Debian since it's easy to try (without replacing one's current OS) and is pre-configured for privacy. She started using Tails herself 3 months ago. She found it easy, and doesn't need to ask for help anymore. She uses Tails about twice a month, mainly to upload sensitive material and for web browsing.

What she likes

  • "the bundle", i.e. everything pre-configured shipped in a box
  • She found Tails very didactic and liked how she could understand how to use it.

What she dislikes

  • upgrades are painful when using Tails not so often