Daan is a 18 years old ICT (information and communications technology) student and a security researcher. He lives in the Netherlands and cares a lot about privacy.

He learned about Tails on the Tor website after he started using Tor. He tried Tails, noticed that everything was routed through Tor by default and liked it. He also immediately appreciated that cryptography tools, such as OpenPGP encryption, are readily accessible. The memory erasure on shutdown feature was another key point.

Daan is a power-user who themed his Tails and uses additional software packages. He uses Tails only when he feels it's needed and not daily, for example when he feels like the government may target him because he looks up specific information. He uses Tails for penetration testing, sharing files privately with his friends, and occasionally for software development.

Things he likes:

  1. Memory erasure on shutdown.
  2. Access to encryption tools (OpenPGP, KeePassX).
  3. No data leaves the computer without going through Tor.

Things he dislikes:

  1. He finds the applications menu hard to use (but he likes GNOME).
  2. He would like to see tcpcrypt integrated in Tails.
  3. He finds the Tails user interface glossy and thinks it should look fancier.
  4. He wants server functionality in Tails.