Bernardo is a 37 years old public administration teacher and social science researcher in Brazil. He studies the way social movements use Internet communication tools. He discovered Tails after the Snowden leaks, via a hackers collective and the homepage of the Tor website.

He uses Debian and GNOME (and has some basic knowledge of the command line interface) so he felt comfortable using Tails, and found it easy to get started with. He advocates using Tails and started using it himself since the coup; he uses it about once a month, primarily to release and distribute material against the government.

What he likes

  • everything is torified by default
  • the amnesic property: everything goes away when turning off the computer
  • Windows Camouflage (when it was there…)
  • Pidgin

What he dislikes

  • he had some trouble with the Unsafe Browser