Alex is a journalist working for a big news room in Western Europe.

She got an authorization from her network administrator to have two machines at work: the official Windows machine from where she can access the company's back office and her own machine running Debian and sometimes Tails.

They have a partnership with a whistleblowing platform and when working on their documents they do everything from Tails.

Things she likes:

  • The fact that Tails is all-in-one. For example, she sometimes sets up a Tails USB stick for a few colleagues in the "war room" while working a sensitive paper and they have all they need to review and edit documents or do some additional research.
  • Qubes OS is a nice idea but Tails remains more straight-forward and you can use it immediately. You can clone a new key for someone and that's all they need.
  • Tails Installer in Debian! For example it's super useful to manually upgrade a relatively old version or to install a new USB stick for someone without having to restart on Tails.
  • The installation documentation is much better now.

Things she dislikes:

  • She misses a screen locker. For example, to have a break during long working sessions while working on sensitive documents.
  • GMail doesn't work with Icedove and TorBirdy. So you have to switch to the Unsafe Browser to connect to GMail.