Promoting & Teaching

Use Cases, Reception
& Potential Obstacles

@ Tails HackFest, Paris, July 6, 2014

This is where I speak from:

I am:

  • a journalist, covering Net politics, online civil liberties
    & hacker culture;
  • not a 'techie' (well, not that much);
  • teaching journalism students how to protect their sources
    in a digital environment;
  • taking part in various events popularizing cryptography;

-> facing the various end-user problems
with encryption & anonymization tools.

... And this is where I start:

Everyone has a right to privacy,
even computer dummies.


Thank you Edward!

Best advertising campaign ever imagined ;)


Usual Suspects:

  • journos,
  • activists,
  • geeks,
  • 'extremists' interested in privacy.


Why Tails?

All-in-one solution enhancing privacy ...


Why Tails?

Source: XKCD - CC BY-NC

... pre-configured & (relatively) easy to use ...


Why Tails?

... providing security in an insecure environment.


"Selling points"

(Quite) easy to install & to use

+ discreet & stealthy

+ no space for technical mistakes
(unless you really want to make some)

+ adjustable to a various range of needs.

Nice features

  • Windows camouflage,
  • fast shutdown by removing the device.


Why Johnny can't use Tails
(on his own)

1/ The 'Tails paradox': designed to be easy to use,
dealing with the complexity of crypto tools.

2/ When facing a problem (UEFI, access to BIOS,
captive portal, etc.), most users need human help.

3/ The two-step process for using persistence:
*really* hard to understand for a non-techie.

(Not to mention checking the integrity
of the ISO image or checking the signature.)


Why Johnny can't use Tails
(with others)

Not a problem with Tails,
but a global problem with crypto. Anyway:

1/ Encryption involves both sender & receiver.
(Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

2/ How can Tails be part of an ecosystem ?
(The problem for journos, for instance.)

Questions & Suggestions


1/ Is it possible to separate the Tails Installer from Tails OS?

2/ Is it possible to establish a network
of trustable third-parties for users in need of Tails?

3/ What if a third-party sells Tails USB sticks online?

Questions & Suggestions


1/ Is it possible to improve Tails' usability ?
(The answer seems to be 'yes' \o/)

2/ Is it possible to have different paths
for different kinds of users ?
(The answer also seems to be 'yes' \o/)

3/ Is it possible to have graphical tutorials
inside Tails OS?

Questions & Suggestions

Website & doc

1/ Is it possible to have different paths & levels
for different kinds of users ? (In progress \o/)

2/ Is it possible to have a short, printable,
graphical document for new users?

3/ Is it possible to document *all* the tools
integrated into the OS in Tails' doc?

Thought for the day:

“The road is straight,
but the slope is steep.”

(Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister.)

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