It might be useful to use zram in Tails.


zram is a kernel module that makes it possible to use some amount of RAM as compressed swap. This should allow using a bit more RAM than what's really available.


See #5740.




  • howto use zram on Debian
  • Gentoo wiki page about zram
  • Google is Enabling zRAM for Chrome OS By Default
  • Linux 3.8 ships a faster lzo compression module, that's used by zram (commit).
  • Ubuntu's Live systems have enabled compcache (zram's ancestor) in an initramfs script shipped by casper on systems with no more than 512MB of RAM between Intrepid and Precise. Disabled in Quantal since compcache does not exist anymore.
  • Daniel Baumann's initial testing report was quite sad: "i've tested it quite a bit with the idea of enabling it automatically on debian-live systems if the machine as not a certain amount of physical ram available. had only bad experiences with it, so far (worse than without it)". He experienced "complete lockups/panics, and general 'so slow nearly death' experience of the system" on 1GB systems with no disk swap enabled. He was giving sometimes half, sometimes 3/4 of the system RAM to zram (