USB Wi-Fi adapters that don't work in Tails

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WikiDevi has lots of information about Wi-Fi adapters:

The list of Wi-Fi adapters that work in Tails is in our documentation about Troubleshooting Wi-Fi not working.

VendorModelYearSizelsusb IDLatest testModuleFirmwareNote
D-LinkDWA-171 rev A1Late 2017Small2001:33144.0NoneNone
D-LinkDWA-131E1 rev E1Early 2018Small2001:33194.0rtl8xxxurtl8192eu_nic.binAuthentication failures
LinksysWUSB6100MLate 2017Small13b1:00424.0NoneNone
TP-LinkTL-WN722NLate 2019Long with antenna2357:010c4.0r8188eu???
TP-LinkTL-WN725N v2Early 2017Nano0bda:81794.0r8188eu???MAC spoofing fails
TP-LinkTL-WN823N v2Late 2017Small2357:01094.0rtl8xxxurtl8192eu_nic.binAuthentication failures. Version 1 worked.
TP-LinkTL-WN821N v6Early 2018Long2357:01074.0NoneNone
TP-LinkArcher T2U NanoLate 2019Nano2357:011e4.0NoneNone
TP-LinkArcher T2UEarly 2020Small2357:011f4.4NoneNone

Wi-Fi adapters that might work

Other USB Wi-Fi adapters that work in Tails but have no advantage