We need to discuss whether we want to support, either actively or passively:

  • kvm, qemu, VirtualBox?

definitely yes

** A prepackaged Tails portable QEMU/whatever

  • VMWare?

trying to be pragmatical w.r.t. to user expectations. Given the statistics of which VMs are most common (VMWare wins) it seems likely that many people that will run amnesia in a VM are users of vmware => let's support it

OK --intrigeri

  • amnesia as a guest inside Windows (low-security context, not always possible to do better)?

it's better to make it easy to use amnesia inside {qemu, virtualbox} on a locked-down public computer, rather than using the Internet Explorer installed on this computer. Let's support running amnesia on Windows, then, but tell users, when running inside a VM, that they are implicitly trusting both the VM software and the host OS. This is needed to avoid creating a false sense of security, which is often quite worse as no security and a clear sense of it.

This has been implemented.