The design document dedicated to virtualization support contains notes about the already working bits in this field.

Tails as a VirtualBox guest

The VirtualBox 4.x guest utilities, X11 drivers and kernel modules are installed inside Tails.

What works:

  • the option to integrate the guest windows inside a X11 desktop
  • kernel modules are loaded at runtime
  • X11 auto-detects the VirtualBox video and input drivers
  • sharing folders between a GNU/Linux host and a Tails guest
  • mouse integration

Since we want to support the "Tails as a guest inside Windows" usecase, we need to test:

  • desktop integration inside Windows
  • Win7 SP1, VirtualBox 4.0.4 r70112: mouse integration works flawlessly
  • filesharing between a Tails guest and a Windows host

No bug report about it for a while, let's close this task.

Tails as a VMware guest

Seems to work fine inside VMWare Player 3, using the ISO as the guest's CD-ROM, with the 'Debian 5' Guest OS preset.

Warn users when running inside a VM

Most of the work has been done.

Left to do:

  • ?warn users when running in a non-free VM
  • when running inside a VM within a non-free host OS, emphasize the pseudo-security situation; seems almost impossible, let's forget about it

Autorun Tails in Windows

See ?autorun in Windows.


See discussion.