• MUST

    • Be open source and privacy respectful

    • Be possible to integrate in ikiwiki (to avoid people having to go elsewhere to answer questions)
  • Captchas: How do we prevent spam on the survey platform, both from robots and humans.

    • Captcha can deal with robots.
    • Attention check questions can deal with humans.
    • How can we get both without being annoying? Maybe having no captcha and two attention check questions could be useful but then that's maybe a bit annoying for humans.


  • PHP + MySQL
  • Demo site:
  • Features: Very complete.
  • Embedding: Works in an iframe but the template would need some adjustment.
  • Captcha: You can add a captcha before accessing the survey. I couldn't find how to add a captcha right before submitting.
  • Versions and packaging: Daily "stable" releases in ZIP files. LTS and "one-click" auto-upgrade for pay.


  • Hardware
    • CPU
      • My prototype machine uses very little of its Core 2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz. So I guess that 1 core of whatever you have will do.
    • RAM
      • My prototype machine uses 256MB when LimeSurvey is hit on various tabs. So I guess it should still work with 512MB.
    • Storage
      • The install directory takes 300MB (.git included).
      • I don't know how much the database will take but it shouldn't be crazy, let's say 100MB.
      • So I should do with 2-5GB on top of what you need for the base system and the backups.
  • Software infrastructure
    • OS
      • Debian Stretch
    • Web server
      • Apache with mod_php
      • PHP 5.1.2 or later
        • Packages: php php-mysql php-mbstring php-xml
      • HTTPS
        • I'd like and some HTTPS on top of it.
      • I didn't have to edit the VHost on my prototype machine.
      • Being able to restart the web server might be useful.
    • Database
      • 1 empty MySQL or MariaDB database 4.1.0 or later.
      • 1 user with full access to this database on the command line (mysql and mysqldump). I used:
        • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON limesurvey.* TO 'limesurvey'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'superfatpassword';
      • 1 password to access the database.
    • Backups
      • Backups of /var/www/ and the database.
      • Be able to trigger a backup before the update and be able to restore it if it fails. I can also do that myself using rsync and mysqldump.
    • Monitoring
      • HTTP success on
    • Email
      • Be able to send emails to the outside world; though I might not send any as a start.
  • Credentials
    • You have my SSH key already.
    • Usual stuff
      • bash, cat, cd, chown, cp, diff, file, find, grep, head, less, ls, man, mkdir, mv, ps, rm, rmdir, tail, top
    • Stuff I like
      • ncdu, screen, vi
    • Stuff I might need to do the manual upgrade, download plugins, etc.
      • git, gunzip, tar, unzip, wget, mysql, mysqldump, rsync
    • Otherwise in which forms do you need to know the credentials?

Basic form builders


  • NodeJS
  • Demo site:
  • Features: Basic.
  • Embedding: Offers an iframe but the SSL is broken on the demo site.
  • Captcha: No.
  • Versions and packaging: One Alpha release on GitHub from April 2016. Docker image advertised on the website.






Plugins for other web applications

Quick Survey (Sandstorm)

Webform (Drupal)