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Gather comments on our draft personas

Chapter 3: Riou, the protest organizer

From the work that we did at the last summit, we drafted skeletons of personas: a very basic description of what kind of users they are.

We are still missing lots of:

  • Details, to bring them to life
  • Research, to make sure they represent real users accurately
  • Collective discussions, to decide how much effort we want to dedicate to make Tails work better for each of them

But, still I wanted to gather some initial comments from all of you on the work that we already.

We drafted four personas:

  • Kim, the surveilled at home
  • Cris, the sensitive information gatherer
  • Riou, the protest organizer
  • Derya, the privacy advocate

Until in May, June, July, and August I'll propose you to comment of each of them, one each month.

I'm interested in gathering as much feedback from you as possible, like in a brainstorming, but I want to refrain from discussing each comment.

Comments I'm interested in:

  • Stuff you would add, change, or remove in each section of the skeleton.

    For example:

    « I think that Kim is too scared to use the shared computer from his institution and instead he's rather borrowing from time to time the computer of a trusted friend. »

  • External data or research that could feed this persona.

    For example:

    « Here is an article recently about the repression of gay youth in Africa: »

  • You raw subjectivity.

    For example:

    « I won't be able to work with a persona named Kim because I have daily nightmares involving Kim Jong-un. »


For each meeting, we need a notetaker and a facilitator. They should designate themselves beforehand.

Month Notetaker Facilitator
January 2018 intrigeri mercedes508
February 2018 anonym sajolida
March 2018 anonym intrigeri
April 2018 u anonym
May 2018 sajolida segfault
June 2018 intrigeri u
July 2018 u
August 2018
September 2018 intrigeri
October 2018
November 2018 intrigeri
December 2018