This is about #6185 and friends.


The idea is to avoid blocking the release process and normal Tails usage if lizard goes down. It's not meant to replace lizard for more than a few weeks.


These are the services, among those we run, that we want a failover for. This is inspired by the priority list for service monitoring.

  • APT repository (our own one + the freezable Debian one)
  • bittorrent
  • Gitolite + git-annex for our Tor Browser archive
  • rsync server
  • WhisperBack relay

System requirements

This is about #10243.

The goal is to specify what we'll likely need until end of 2018. We also need datacenter-class bandwidth.

  • APT repository:
    • CPU: reprepro can already be hungry
    • RAM: currently low, but might grow for the same reason as CPU usage
    • storage: 1.8T
  • bittorrent:
    • CPU: low
    • RAM: low
    • storage: 3 GB
  • Tor Browser archive:
    • CPU: low
    • RAM: low
    • storage: 200G
  • rsync server:
    • CPU: low
    • RAM: low
    • storage: 5 GB (excluding obsolete; 20 GB including it)
  • WhisperBack relay:
    • CPU: low
    • RAM: low
    • storage: low


  • CPU: currently low but must be easily upgradable.
  • RAM: 2 GB should be enough for now, but must be easily upgradable
  • storage: 2T (preferabily RAID) to cover up until end 2018.