Let's wait until we ?decide what kind of web support do we want to provide first.

If we decide to improve Askbot to our requirements here is some food for thought.

Debian packaging

  • RFP #687966
  • Has many dependencies outside of Debian:
    • akismet
    • coffin
    • django-keyedcache
    • django-robots
    • django-kombu
    • django-followit
    • django-recaptcha-works
    • markdown2
    • pystache
    • pytz
    • longusername


  • Anonymous posting: filling up the email field is required but the validity of the email is not checked.
  • Email notifications:
    • Asked by me
    • Answered by me
    • Individually selected
    • Entire forum (tag filtered)
    • Comments and posts mentioning me
  • List matching questions on the fly when typing a new question.
  • The software is translated but there is no multilingual support from the web interface.
  • No subsite feature.


  • Add multilanguage feature to:
    • allow users to change the language of the interface they see
    • allow to filter the content by the language of the questions
  • Add a subsite feature:
    • a single login should allow to post on different subsites
    • a single user might have different credentials, karmas and badges in different subsites
    • allow to move questions between subsites (if allowed to do so)
    • subsites can be tied to one or more languages (see multilanguage)