Ticket: #6370

Current status

The feature/ff24 branch builds, boots and basically works fine.

Guidelines for testers

  1. What to test? — Test an ISO built from the feature/ff24 branch. The most recent nightly built one should do. See the Needs to be checked section below, and test whatever should work fine in the Tails web browser.

  2. Information we need — Always report the exact commit the ISO you are testing was built from (if it is a nightly built one, report its filename; if you built it yourself, you can get this information in About Tails).

  3. Reporting problems — If you discover something suboptimal, first please check Known issues below and the sub-tasks of #6370. Then, please check if it's a regression compared to the current stable Tails, and then:

    • If it is a regression, file a sub-task of #6370.
    • If it is not a regression, report a complete bug with WhisperBack. Note that the main goal of this testing session is to discover regressions in feature/ff24, and gain confidence in it; basically, everything else will be treated as low-priority. Let's keep focus, please :)
  4. Reporting success — When something works fine, please add it to the Known working section below. If you don't have Git commit bit, and have no personal Tails Git repo, report success to the email thread on the tails-dev mailing list, or to intrigeri on IRC.

  5. If in doubt — Ask intrigeri on IRC (#tails-dev).

Needs to be checked

Empty for now.

Known issues


Comparing to TBB 3.0b1:

  • ip-check.info says TBB 3.0b1 has JavaScript version 1.8, while the Tor browser 24.1 has version 1.5

    • It says 1.8 too for Tails 0.21 and TBB 2.3.25-14-dev, so that looks like a regression.
    • It says 1.5 too for iceweasel 24.1.0esr-1 and for Firefox 24.1, both running on Debian sid.
    • No downgraded package in that ISO vs. 0.21.
  • ip-check.info returns a line "Screen" with Tails 0.21, TBB 2.4.17~rc1, and TBB 3.0b1 running from inside Tails 0.22 but not with Tor browser 24.1: Screen: 1000 x 567 pixels (inner size), Zoom: 100%.

  • ip-check.info returns a slightly different "Browser Window" size, even if run in the same context (freshly started browser in a virtual machine with the same screen size). That's #6377 and bug #10095 on Tor Project's Trac, not much we can do about it yet.

    • Browser window: 1000 x 600 with Tor browser 24.1
    • Browser window: 1000 x 567 with Tails 0.21
    • Browser window: 1000 x 591 with TBB 3.0b1
    • Browser window: 1000 x 564 with TBB 2.4.17~rc1

Known working

Basic fingerprinting

A build from feature/ff24 is seen by ip-check.info just the same way is Tails 0.20.1's browser.

Comparing to TBB 3.0b1:

  • panopticlick: same results, modulo screen size


  • eepsites via I2P work
  • Tor hidden services work

Persistent bookmarks feature

  • bootstrapped on this branch
  • created with an older Tails, upgrading

Working with tails-i386-feature_ff24-0.22-20131111T0855Z-10f5a19.iso.


... were cleaned up (#5768), many were merged with Torbrowser's ones, and they are in the intended state at runtime.

Unsafe browser

Successfully tested French, Portuguese (both Brazil's and Portugal's flavours), German, and Arabic.

Repeatedly opening and closing works as expected.

Connects fine to the web as of 0f5eab28.