Corresponding ticket: #6064

Left to do


  • Minimized applications in the taskbar can't be raised via the taskbar. They can be raised via the Activities Overwiew.

Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B

  • Intel Atom CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz (Bay Trail)
  • can cold-boot from USB: hold down the Vol+ button, then hold down the Power button, until the boot selection menu appears. Select the desired boot device and press the Windows key.

Tails feature/buster, early 2019-01, Linux 4.19

Similar to previous tests apart of improvements reported in the "Works fine" section below.

Tails pre-3.9 devel branch (Stretch) + feature/15763-linux-4.17

  • MAC spoofing fails
  • Backlight tuning: GNOME Shell offers the UI, but it has no visible effect.
  • Display rotation (probably because we don't install iio-sensor-proxy)
  • Sound card is detected but no sound output. The kernel complains about missing intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin firmware while it's supposed to be shipped in firmware-intel-sound. has some configuration tricks that might help.

feature/jessie + 32-bit UEFI, 20150507

  • The Florence virtual keyboard is not very usable:
    • its default font size is way too small, but that can be configured
    • its "systray" icon is too small to be clicked, so one can't toggle the virtual keyboard on/off; see #8312
  • Wi-Fi
  • Battery level monitoring: GNOME Shell always says 100%.
  • Backlight tuning: GNOME Shell offers the UI, but it has no effect that I can perceive.
  • Tor Browser 4.5 does a weird resizing dance on startup.
  • Sound card not detected (/proc/asound/cards), although a bunch of snd_soc_* kernel modules are loaded. Logs complain about missing fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master firmware. Looks like Debian bug #774914 or that suggests to fetch the firmware from the Chrome OS repository. Other sources suggest that the DSDT may be buggy.

Works fine

Toshiba Encore 2

Tails feature/buster, early 2019-01, Linux 4.19

  • Boots fine without custom boot loader options.
  • Sound works out-of-the-box.

Tails pre-3.9 devel branch (Stretch) + feature/15763-linux-4.17

  • sometimes boots fine after:
    • removing slab_nomerge, slub_debug=FZP, vsyscall=none, page_poison=1, quiet and splash → XXX: which of these changes are are really needed?
    • adding nosplash → XXX: really needed?
    • adding clocksource=tsc tsc=reliable → XXX: really needed?
    • intel_idle.max_cstate=1 ( → XXX: really needed?
  • Battery level monitoring

feature/jessie + 32-bit UEFI, 20150507

  • boots fine with nomodeset (otherwise screen blanks at switching to inteldrmfb from simplefb, although the OS continues loading)
  • X.Org with KMS
  • touchscreen
  • USB

Misc reports

  • We've been reported that except Wi-Fi, Tails 3.11 works fine on the Microsoft Surface Go 10 inch. According to this post a update of the firmware file (shipped by firmware-atheros) fixes that.