This page contains research on possible roadmaps. It is not highly relevant anymore.

Possible roadmaps

  1. DONE Decide what DM and language / UI toolkit we will use for the greeter in Wheezy
  2. DONE Adapt following plans accordingly
  3. DONE Gather more input from people who have strong opinions about the t-g UX: the idea is to encourage work on the greeter by bringing early positive input rather than late negative feedback. This should happen in the dedicated thread.
  4. DONE Clarify specifications (see the design rationale phase1)
    1. DONE research a bit the pending questions
    2. DONE raise these topics for discussion among Tails developers
  5. DONE Implement plan A or plan B. Incremental UI changes (plan 1) was choosen
  6. Update documentation
  7. Send software and documentation for translation on tails-l10n

Plan A - incremental UI changes

The idea is to draft a new possible version first, and then we can decide whether we want to ship it right away, or create other options and benchmark them through a full-blown usability study. Alan committed to lots of things in this plan, but not to any deadline.

  1. DONE Ask for ideas
  2. DONE Propose one or several prototypes
  3. DONE Make some testing happen by various kinds of users
  4. DONE Extract something useful from the result
  5. Implement the chosen proposal in a dedicated branch of the greeter repo

Plan B - full UI rewrite with usability study

  1. Design and sketch prototypes
  2. Organize a usability study
  3. Implement the winner idea