This is feedback about the current greeter as shipped in Tails 0.X. They do not show the current state of design.

Report #1

User interface is confusing.

The combination of "green/red icons + the check mark + pushed button" is really hard to grasp.

How about a big push button labeled "Persistence", maybe with an icon?

The current behaviour for "More options?" is also problematic... How about having a "More options" button at the bottom, near the "Login" button? Ideally, this would require a "Back" button on the "Administration password" scren, but even without it, I think the result will be easier to understand/use.

How about using checkmark boxes or Yes/No radial dials, or not use them at all? Entering a password into a box means it's enabled, and leaving it empty implies you don't wish to use the feature. The text in my example here is a bit big though:

Report #2

A few impressions after the publication of the screenshots. Great job by the way!

The buttons ON/OFF are sometime confusing, as it's hard to know if it reflects the actual configuration, or the ability to modify this configuration, i.e. if the option is actually activated or if clicking on this button will toggle this option ON. I hope I'm clear enough :)

Please also keep in mind that some use small screens, and can get blocked if the cannot see the validation button.

Last point, as I will have to use Tails-greeter at each boot, I would like to be able to handle it easily with the keyboard, to save a lot of time.

That said, thanks a lot for the great job!

Report #3

Indeed, this is a great polishing of the user interface, at least in terms of appearance. I failed to download anything from the mockups page though so be aware that this opinion is based on the screenshots only

I do have some corrections and suggestions though, from the screenshot it is apparent that it allows to choose "Portugues" (with a eacute) as a region/locale, which is not! It is a river and neighborhood in Porto Rico. "Portugues" (with a ecirc) is the correct word for Portuguese in Portuguese.

Now as for if "Should keyboard selectable independently from locale in one click?", I would say yes as I use it in the current greeter. I do this for two reason: First in case my tails session gets owned the attacker will perhaps not know from which country I am though I am aware in that situation I probably have far worse problems as far as de-anonimization goes. And second, I am fluent in English, and I prefer to see the menus and the documentation in English (as are more complete). Having to scroll down to get the Portugal keyboard in the current greeter is quite annoying though and I often wonder why are the other languages more obscure keyboards (like without dead keys and etc) before the more default options. Perhaps ordering alphabetically by languages and after all the defaults keyboards then again the lesser keyboards in this new greeter? (btw why is Portuguese absent from the locales screenshots?)

A last, but most important imho suggestion: no matter how ergonomic you can make the greeter it will always have some usability problems, but there is a way to minimize this! There is already a todo ticket for choosing language at installation time ( see: #5501) but then if someone got hold of your tails she/he could see from where you are and what language you speak. Now, if a new feature in the greeter was implemented - "Greeter Password" (pass-phrase would be overkill in this case as usability is preferred) - language, locale, but also camouflage, read only options for persistence, keyboards and other options to come in the greeter, could be defined at installation time and accessed at boot time with a few keystrokes from universal keys in keyboards. Or perhaps you have two greeter configurations and could setup two passwords.. If you think this feature could be useful perhaps you could revamp the greeter with this in mind for a future version? ;)

Okay that's its :) the overall opinion of the greeter from the screenshots is that you made an amazing job :-) congratulations and thanks :-)

Report #4

  • The clean, fresh design is nice!

  • Is "English" preselected? Hopefully the "English" language option is preselected so the most common use case doesn't require an additional click.

    Maybe a little checkmark to the left of the current language could indicate this. This would let the user know they can skip past this step without clicking anything more if we have already selected the most common option.

  • The on/off rocker switch example is confusing. As others have mentioned, 'off' or 'on' could be interpreted as either the current state or is the action to be taken when clicked. A possible alternative would be to use radio buttons and add one more option "Default theme" that is the prechecked radio option. I would rename the entire panel so just "Camoflage" or "Theme" instead of specifically "Windows Camoflage". Doing both of these (using radios and renaming the panel) would also allow for adding another theme like OS X by just adding a new radio option.

  • I might rename "Bridges" to "Tor Bridges" for clarity even on a user's first use.

Otherwise looks great.