This page is kept as an archive. It contains remarks on a prototype that we already tested and got feedback for. They are not relevant anymore.


Clarify specification

It would help a lot to clarify some areas of the greeter specification. This may involve revisiting a few past decisions:

  • Do we still want the first screen to look like a Windows (NT4) login screen?
  • Do we still want a second screen for options? Or another way to show it?
  • Do we want the look to depend on whether the Windows theme was opted-in?
  • How much do we want to optimize for first-time users?

Usability study

  • Draft several User eXperience (and layout) options
  • Make them testable
  • Make an usability study:
    • catch testers (Tails users and/or newbies)
    • make them test, see what they do and ask them what they think

We may want to ask input from UX experts, and/or pay one to run the usability study.



Some proposals to test!


My goals for the interface was:

  • read in "natural" order: top to bottom
  • no hidden windows/options
  • easy to adapt to right-to-left languages RTL
  • inspired/similar to GNOME3 "system preferences"


Please test the script below, which lets you try the user experience!

The greeter started from DVD:

The greeter started from USB with persistence:

The greeter started from USB with persistence once language selected:

The greeter once the administration password option clicked:

The greeter once the keyboard option clicked:

The greeter once the windows camouflage option clicked:

How to test

Download everything in ?mockups, or better clone the git, go to the directory and:

$ ./ [-v <variant>] [-p]

Dependencies: gtk3, python gobject introspection (basically debian wheezy)


I'd like to hear about:

  • your overall impression?
  • should keyboard selectable independently from locale in one click?
  • your navigation experience?
  • where should the locales box be?

(Note that some answers were sent on tails-dev already.)

Remarks (add yours!)

  • add a symbol if option was visited/activated
  • activation of presets in persistence: when?