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Tails-greeter works fine, and its code in not that bad anymore, so on this side it's now feasible to add features (e.g. #5421, #5479).

However, the greeter UI is difficult to use, and adding more options in the current state of things would only make things worse usability-wise.

So, we have to improve the greeter UI to make it more ergonomic and easier to use.

Current proposal

After working on a prototype and doing UX testing with NUMA http://en.numa.paris/, we arrived at the idea of having two main Tails-greeter flows:

  • a quick setup for veteran users
  • a guided setup for new users

The result of this can be found in the NUMA flow.

We refined this on the tails-ux mailing list to arrive at a concrete proposal for the first screen: design rationale phase1.

The wizard is less defined. See the bottom of NUMA flow.


Phase 1: "Welcome" and "Advanced" screens

Phase 1.0 #8230: basic "Welcome" and "Advanced" screens

This means including a redesigned greeter that has the same functionnalities than the current one. It would be included in Tails 3.0, so the plan is to work on that during Tails/Stretch work.

  • Implement the chosen proposal in a dedicated branch of the greeter repo #10828
  • Update documentation
  • Send software and documentation for translation on tails-l10n

Phase 1.1 #11643: add options to "Welcome" and "Advanced" screens

This phase consists of improvement of the 1st phase. It would be added in 3.X releases.

Phase 2 #8231: implement a "Take a tour" wizard

This phase as about adding a wizard to guide newcomers. It has no timing yet.

  • design the wizard


UI / UX documentation

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