is dead. It would be good to find another way to have commits announced to the IRC channels. which was used to send updates to CIA is also able to trigger HTTP post compatible with HTTP post compatible with GitHub webhooks. gitbot is a fairly trivial bot written in Ruby that receives these kind of commit notifications and write them on an IRC channel. However, does not support notifications for mirror projects. It does not look that hard to add this feature to their software, but we were not able to get an up-to-date copy thereof after 2 emails and 5 weeks, so this does not look viable a solution.

Other options: irker and KGB. Both needs to be able to set custom post-receive hooks in the repository. That's why we have centralized Git repositories.

Next steps


See #6033 and sub-tasks.

plan B

If it does not work as planned at immerda, we could research for a third-party to offer either the "IRC notification reacting on GitHub webhooks" service or the full "monitor Git repositories and notify on IRC" one.

Or we could host the whole set of our own Git repositories ourselves, so that we can use KGB or irker.

Note that GitLab also supports GitHub-style webhooks.