Next steps

  1. integrate the test reports below and the next steps they suggest as part of this roadmap
  2. wait a bit for ?smtube to mature; if it's acceptable and merged, then perhaps we will consider the easier YouTube task as completed.
  3. ?benchmark YouTube HTML5 addons
  4. make audio and video codecs autoplay (so that the Tails web browser works in a less surprising way, especially for new users; also, the idea is that when one goes to a page with audio or video objects, they want to read them more often than not)



Test reports

Out-of-the box YouTube support in Tails 0.18

With Tails 0.18, I visited one of the featured videos on youtube which is

At first it gave me the usual msg flash player, then I added &html5=1 on the URL and refreshed the page. It worked as it should be no issues. After that, most of the videos played out of the box without the &html5=1 that where on the right side as featured/similar.

I can reproduce this with 0.19. However, one still has to click-to-play their way through the "Additional plugins [...]" message. --intrigeri

From one of them I got the msg "The browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available."

Later I entered where I verified that my browser does not support h.264, also I had the msg "You are not currently in the HTML5 trial." Hope that helps.