Will my computer run Tails?

Most computer vendors typically configure their offerings to run Windows or macOS. Since Tails is based on a Linux operating system that your computer was likely not designed to run, some features you’re used to using in your computer may not function in Tails. The Tails team cannot all releases of Tails on all known computers and currently, no vendors configure their products to work with Tails specifically. However, some vendors do offer computers that function well in similar variants of Debian, the Linux distribution that Tails is based on or other similar Linux distributions.

Known Linux-friendly vendors

  • link: https://system76.com/ System76
  • link: https://puri.sm/ Purism
  • link: https://zareason.com/ Zareason
  • link: https://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/04/campaigns/xps-linux-laptop-us Dell’s Project Sputnik

Other hardware vendors may also have excellent Linux support but not advertise it. A few hours of online searching may help find a good candidate for a computer that will work well with a Debian-based operating system, such as Tails. The best way to find out if your computer will run Tails, however, is to download Tails and see for yourself!