This blueprint analyses and proposes simplifications to the workflow of a new user discovering Tails until she gets a full-featured Tails USB stick with persistence.

Big logical steps are:

  • Learn what Tails is
  • Download the ISO
  • Verify the ISO
  • Install medium (might require going through an intermediary Tails)
  • Create persistence

Table of content

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Design documents:

Blueprints for future work on specific parts of this process:


In 2014 the different steps in this process were scattered all around our website and users had to fight their way through it:

Diagram of the detailed workflow as of December 2014


In 2015 we worked on several improvements to simplify greatly this workflow:

  • Tails Installer in Debian and Ubuntu
  • Download and Verify Extension for Firefox now replaced by the Tails Verification browser extension. (Design document)
  • Installation Assistant to guide the user throughout this process. (Blueprint)

Diagram of the detailed workflow as of December 2015


In 2017 we worked on:

  • Simplified Tails Installer by removing the splash screen.
  • Porting Download and Verify Extension to Web Extensions for Firefox 57 which implied:
    • Creating Tails Verification, its successor. Tails Verification works on Firefox and Chrome but cannot be embedded nor monitor the download of the ISO image anymore. (Design document)
    • Redesigning the download page as a consequence. (Blueprint)

Future work

Graphical installer for Mac

In 2015 we couldn't find a graphical way of creating an intermediary Tails on USB stick from Mac (#8802) and people have to go through the command line. Finding this would be game changer for Mac users (#11682).

Lead people from one big step to the next through software

We could:

  • Add splash screen about Tails Installer when starting on an intermediary Tails USB stick. (#8836)
  • Add splash screen about persistence when starting for the first time on a final Tails USB stick.