Current status

  • Metrics are collected:

    • Manually
    • Only by sajolida and intrigeri
    • Into text files
    • In the internal Git repo
  • We are collecting:

    • Community metrics
      • Subscribers to amnesia-news
      • Messages on tails-dev
      • Subscribers on tails-dev
      • Twitter followers
    • Help desk
      • Messages on tails-bug
      • WhisperBack reports
    • Releases
      • Date
      • Size
    • Usage
      • Boots
      • Downloads of the OpenPGP signature


  • The workload is not shared
  • The data is not systematically published (some are in the monthly reports)
  • Manual process

Taking a step back...

  • Why are we collecting these metrics?
  • What shall we do with them?
  • What metrics are most important to collect?
  • What kind of tools and infrastructure shall we use to manage these metrics?
  • Where do we store them? Who has access to them?

Ideas of abstract goals behind the numbers

From a brainstorming session, with no priorities or check on whether these are possible and worth it to gather.

  • Find how many users we do have? What are the trends?
  • How many bugs? Per category? Are we carrying around old bugs? Are we adding new bugs?
  • Are we reducing errors for users ?
  • Are we reducing the time needed for task completion?
  • Help desk reports
  • How technically skilled do you need to be to use Tails? How technically skilled are our users?
  • Donations
    • How many donations do we get?
    • How much are people donation?
    • When do we get donation?
  • Incoming links? Who is endorsing Tails?
  • Where are the users located?
  • How big, diverse and active is our community?
  • Statistics on private and public meetings:
    • How many people attended?
    • How many meetings?
    • How many newcomers?
  • Conferences
    • Attended?
    • How many mentions?
  • How fast to we solve problems?
    • Security issues
  • How organized and accountable we are?
  • Conversion rate
    • User agents
  • Heat map of the website usage
    • Are people coming to download the image?
    • Are people coming to read the documentation?
  • Why are people interested in Tails?

Possible ways to gather this data

  • Ticket tracker for help desk
  • Web analytic
  • Surveys