We need to start porting Tails to Wheezy, and test it. Work is done in the feature/wheezy Git branch.


Current state (2013-12-23): builds, boots. Quite some things are broken, and many minor features had to be disabled to workaround build issues.

Research to do

Windows Camouflage

Ticket: #6342

We need to implement the Windows Camouflage mode in GNOME3 "Classic" (aka. fallback) mode.

Windows XP

i.e. porting the 1.0 theme

Left to do

  • Metacity theme, mouse cursor theme and desktop background: should be set correctly in /usr/local/bin/tails-activate-winxp-theme, but isn't actually applied; perhaps changing GSettings in PostLogin.default isn't supported? We should try migrating this code from PostLogin.default to a script started from ~/.config/autostart/ and see if this works better; might be applied too late, though.
  • GTK2 theme
  • GTK3 theme
  • icons theme
  • only one GNOME panel
  • many, many more settings set in the script (/usr/local/bin/tails-activate-winxp-theme) that enables all this when the user has enabled Windows Camouflage in the Greeter


  • The Luna XP theme we ship in Tails/Squeeze only supports GTK2, but upstream have ported it to GTK3 and MATE since then.
  • Ubuntu's GNOME Classic is not that far from a good old GNOME2 DE: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseGnomeClassicTweaks
  • The default theme (/usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/) can be forked and customized.
  • GTK3 Windows-like themes seem to be in the works, and http://gnome-look.org/ has a few ones.
  • some customization tips

Windows eight themes



Other ressources

Windows seven themes


Mostly working configuration

Other ressources

What works

  • Reading (IMAP) and sending email with Claws.
  • OpenPGP applet symmetric enc/dec
  • Roundcube webmail
  • MAT cleans a PDF
  • Erase memory on shutdown
  • USB installer (Clone & Install)
  • Iceweasel/torbrowser works
  • FTP works on LAN in Nautilus
  • Streaming in Totem
  • Unlocking and using already created persistence
  • Tails-additional-software works
  • Unsafe browser
  • Orca
  • memory wiping on shutdown works, when triggered by the GNOME shutdown UI, on a system that has this feature working despite Linux 3.11