Potential issues that might or might not have happened already.

From the developers point of view:

  • Being told to do stuff without understand exactly why.
  • Lack of synchronize between conception and development process. You end up discovering UX issues too late.
  • Cost-benefit ratio.
  • Implementation starting too fast (lack of design) or, the other way around, UX ideas bring in deep technical or security problems.

From the UX point of view:

  • Developers are defensive (not important, not acknowledging the problem).
  • Lack of input from developers about technical feasibility, security, maintenance, etc.

Fundraising and management point of view:

  • Hard to prepare grant proposals without having input from both sides.
  • Hard to evaluate the time needed to implement changes. Sometimes you know the problem already (sometimes not) but it's hard to know the precise solution in advance.
  • Hard to split responsibilities and for people to feel as working as a team.
  • UX tend to work more with big increments, involving user testing in between while developers work with small increments and self or automated testing so it might be hard for them to acknowledge the need for more increments after their stuff works.

Different mind sets:

  • Developer: you want something that works, that's a binary result.
  • UX: you want something that is used.
  • Difficult to make these two worlds communicate and agree on the efficiency of a product.


  • Improve our contribute section for developers to mention UX and technical writing #9926
  • Ask feedback to the "other" side as soon as possible, or actually better, work together from the beginning.
  • Involve all actors in each grant proposal: designers, writers, coders, sysadmins, etc.
  • Find ways of involving developers in the UX process (user testing, user feedback, etc.)