We want a tool that allows our help desk to


  • Track easily what's been done and what's left from previous shifts:
    • Make it easy to ensure everything is answered
    • Be able to follow an issue from the beginning to the end
  • Statistics:
    • Know how many users encountered the same issue. Spot the "Top bug".
    • Be able to have stats on common issues
  • Security of the platform:
    • Allow secure deletion of information over time. Not keep a database forever (how long? what to keep?)
    • Handle incoming OpenPGP emails
    • Handle outgoing OpenPGP emails
  • Be able to search into emails archive
  • Better interaction between user support and devs:
    • Provide logs to devs
    • Make it easy to drop more dev-related issues to devs
  • Provide a separate queue of tickets per language #9080
  • Make it easy to get new mates on board
  • Keep a database of template answers


  • Make it easy to contact the user back when there is a solution
  • Hardware information
    • Parse cleverly WhisperBack data (hardware, gpg, etc)
    • Keep track of hardware compatibility (Tails works on XYZ, Wi-Fi card XYZ doesn't work)
  • Shift management:
    • Replace the calendar of shifts and do something smart about that (send notifications to the person on duty)
    • Automatically clock user support time
  • Replace the list of bad users. Flag them as nasty automatically
  • Allow forwarding issues from and to other user support projects (Tor, Access Now)
  • Allow users to express whether they were satisfied with our answers
  • Be configurable using Puppet
  • Allow for easy extraction, archiving, and metrics on hardware compatibility. For example to update our list of known issues easily or to know whether Tails (and which version) worked on this same hardware based on other WhisperBack reports. Hardware that would be interesting to track:
    • Laptop model (for boot issues)
    • USB stick (to clean up known issues)
    • Graphic cards
    • Wi-Fi cards


  • Have a disposable chat system for tricky cases (Tor does that)




  • http://www.otrs.com/
  • https://otrs.github.io/doc/manual/admin/3.1/en/html/configure-pgp.html


  • http://bestpractical.com/rt/
    • https://bestpractical.com/rtir/
    • AccessNow have a RT behind their help desk. It's run by Gustaf Björksten gustaf@accessnow.org.
  • https://www.bestpractical.com/docs/rt/4.2/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.html
  • https://forge.puppetlabs.com/darin/rt
  • Koumbit is using RT and told us about their experience in ead91b4d-8a87-5855-de55-2c4ffcb40377@koumbit.org